Saturday, November 19, 2011

Thanksgiving Fun

So we are just one week away from Thanksgiving, and we have been busy all month talking about the meaning of this holiday. I realized at the beginning of this month that my kids didn't have an actual concept of this holiday. I asked them at the beginning of the month what special holiday happened during the month of November. Christmas, all of my kids yelled. I had to explain to them, no, it's Thanksgiving. When I asked them what happened on thanksgiving, of course the answer was, Get Presents. I was mortified, because I personally LOVE Thanksgiving. I than began to explain to them the story of the first Thanksgiving. They loved it, so all month I have been reading them real and nonfiction stories about Thanksgiving. We have also watched little movies about the meaning of thanksgiving, and why we have it. I am proud to say that we are now fully aware of the pilgrims, the mayflower, Indians, Squanto, and the reason for thanksgiving. We have talked about the history, and how we should all give thanks. While we talked about this, f course we made QUITE A FEW crafts. I love making things with the kid-os. We practiced our writing skills when we made our thankful turkeys, and our pilgrim boys. We also learned about the difference between children now and children back then. The kids loved hearing the different language the pilgrims used compared to ours. They loved the word poppet. They were also shocked to find out that pilgrim children didn't go to school, they had to stay home and work. They didn't like that at all. We discussed the chores that the pilgrims did, and compared them to the chores that we do. We are in the middle of a class book talking about chores. Here are a few things that we have made this month.


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