Tuesday, December 20, 2011

December Hapenings

So, I can't believe that December is almost OVER!!!!  It is SOOOOO close to Christmas, and I still have SOOOOO much more to do to get ready myself.  Not to mention all of the stuff I need to do for my class!!!! 
To Do List:
1.) Wednesday : Polar Express Day

2.) Wednesday Afternoon : Perform the Grinch Who Stole Christmas at the Nursing Home (My After School Drama Club)

3.) Wednesday Night : The BIG Performance!!!!  ....eeeek....

4.) Thursday Morning : Sing Christmas Carols at the Nursing Home

5.) Thursday Afternoon : Christmas Party

Now, that is our agenda.  I still have to get the kid-os presents, clean my room, make sure I have all of the permission forms for both class and club, get hot chocolate and cookies, finish props..........and the list goes on.  I will be THANKFUL for Thursday afternoon!!!!

So, anyways, enough belly aching....on to what we have been doing lately.  We have had so much fun this past month.  I love my kid-os, and boy have they been loving me this month.  Every day, we have had something fun to do.  Of course, I tie it in with academics, but it’s the change of activities that they have loved!!!!  The other day, one of my kids said, "Dude Ms. Britney you’re the bomb, and something about a bag of chips!!!!" Translation : You’re the bomb, all that and a bag of chips.  Than another day I had one say to me, "Ms. Britney you are the BIG BOMB and we are the little bombs, we are just that good!!".  I love the things that come out of their mouths.  Make me so proud, happy, and crack me up!!!!  Now, on to the PICTURES!!!!!!!!

First up....Our Wreaths.  We had to count the number of strips that we made, and write each number on each strip.  After that we got to cut the strips out and staple them to make the wreath.

Next, we cut out berries, and we had to count how many berries that we used.  Later, we hung them in the hallway.

These are our Elves that we made.  I made a template and cut out all of the pieces for everyone.  They had to follow the directions, as we put them together.  Listening is something that they REALLY need to work on.  So, I love doing activities like this. 

Boys had green bodies, and girls had red bodies.

We made pattern stockings.  They each got white strips for the legs, they chose red or green.  Than they had to make a pattern.

After they finished, we glued our Elf Application to the front.  We read the book "How Santa Got His Job."  We loved it!!  We also talked about how we have to fill out job applications when we get older.  We talked about the different community helpers around this area, and what we wanted to be when we grew up.  This was a perfect tie in to our Social Studies unit, "My Community".

They had SOOOO much fun doing these!!  I loved how they turned out!!

Here are some shots of my Drama Rama Club that I teach every Tuesday afternoon.  They were painting props for our play, "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas." This is the Grinch's cave.

This will be Mt. Crumpit.

This was a Who House for the Who Village.

I had some special help the other night.  Jingle the Elf decided to draw pictures of everyone in the classroom.  He also added mustaches and funny objects in them.  My 3 brothers came to help.  1 real brother and the other two are basically my brothers.  This is my lil brother JK.  He is drawing some pics for me.

Ben drawing some more pictures.

Here are a few.

Ross helped clean my classroom. 

Jingle hung the pictures everywhere in the classroom.  He also went to Mrs. Hand's class and tied their elf Sonic up, and wrote a note. 

The kids went WILD when they found him actually holding a marker!!!!

Yes, sadly, this is what happened the other day.  One of my lovely kid-os decided that she wanted to open up and dump out all of my letter buckets.  After I found this, she has had to sort them every day until she finishes.  I was NOT a happy camper!!

Parent Gift!!!!  This year I bought the 0.98 cent chargers from Wal-Mart.  They came in Red, Green, Silver, and Gold.  I chose the red and green.  The boys did green and the girls did red.  I dipped their hand in the opposite color paint, and placed it in the middle.  After they dried, I let the kids write Merry Christmas, their name, and the year on the edge of the plate.  Then I wrote a poem on the inside of the plate.  They turned out SO cute. 

Poem: Busy hands are happy hands.  Making spririts light.  Hang the stockings, trim the tree.  Keeping Christmas bright.

Here we are doing our label Santa activity.  We read a story about Santa, and then did a labeling activity.  We also did a writing activity. 

We did another circle map, and tree map.  We love doing these.

I had to test on Friday, so I ran some pictures of bells and Christmas trees off on some transparency paper. Voil√†, sun catchers.  They color them with markers, and they turn out beautiful!!!!  We hung them in the window. 

We also made Christmas trees.  I told them that they had to put the strips in order from smallest to largest strip.  I showed them a picture, and then I had them do it on their own.  They turned out really good.  We also took a pencil, dipped it in white paint and made snow all over the paper.  THANK YOU Pinterest!!!!

Yesterday, we had a parent volunteer come in and do a special craft.  I didn't get a picture of what they made, but it was so cute!!!!  They made wreathes with bells.  We broke down into centers.  This center they had green play dough and shapes.  They made Christmas trees.

They also got to build "gingerbread houses" with blocks.

Here, they were able to use paint pens, and make gingerbread people.

Here they are making Christmas lights.  They had to write their name down on a sheet of paper.  They had to count how many letters were in their name. Then they had to trace a Christmas light for each letter of their name.  After they traced them, they colored them, and cut them out.  They then had to glue them on a strip of paper.  When they got finished they took a black marker and wrote their name on the bulbs.  After they wrote their name, they had to fill out a strip of paper that said : My name is ________.  I have ____ letters in my name.  After we finished this, we graphed the results on the smart board.  They loved this. 

Oh my goodness, so i finally finished that post.  It took FOREVER!!!!  I know it's a lot.  Hope it doesn't overwhelm you too much.  Well, Merry Christmas EVERYONE!!!!  Hope you have a GREAT and HAPPY Holiday!!!!

-Ms. B


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