Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Well, big announcement time!!!!  I am moving to PRESCHOOL next year!!!!  I am so excited, and I can't wait!!  I love teaching preschool and that is the whole reason why I went into early childhood education.  I am already working on things for next years classroom.  I just can't wait!!  I will definitely miss the independence that come with Kindergarten.  These kids have me spoiled.  I have some of the BEST kids a teacher could ask for this year.  Yes, we have our days, but these kids love me and I love them.  Yesterday, I had to take off half a day because I have poison ivy.  Today when I came back (yes, I double checked with the doctor and I am clear to come back, two shots and 2 prescriptions later.) my kids were so worried about me.  As they reached the door, they had get well cards for me.  They were all asking about how the Dr. visit went, and they just HAD to know about the 2 shots I got.  They were looking at my neck, and commenting on how much better it looked.  They really were worried about me.  It completely made my day.  I honestly have the sweetest class EVER!!  I received flowers and kindergarten "tips" on how to feel better.  These of course cracked me up.  Lil girl - Ms. Britney, you should go see the nurse, she works MIRACLES!!  Lil boy - Ms. Britney, my mom works next door at the nursing home, just walk over there, ask for her, and I just know that she will make you better!!!!  This is exactly why I teach!!  These kids know that I love them, and they show me that they love me!! 

I will be posting sometime today or tomorrow to catch everyone up on what all we have been learning about.  I just couldn't resist posting about how AWESOME my class was!!  These are my baby's and I want the whole world to know how great they are!! 

-Ms. B


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