Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I'm BACK!!!!

Well, I guess it's time to post again.  I am sorry, but I have just been so busy.  I know that I have been slacking on posting, especially since the last time I posted was DECEMBER.  So my next post will be a catch up, super-long, picture post.

Here we are playing our 1 fish 2 fish game.  They had to roll 2 die and add the numbers.  When they filled up the entire board, they ate the goldfish.

Here is our cat and the hat word family art.

To celebrate Dr. Seuss's Birthday we ate GREEN EGGS and HAM!!!!

It looked really gross, but when we finally tasted it, they were delicious.

We recently participated in a project by Jen.  We took the Lucky Charms cereal challenge.

We had to separate the Oak Piecesand the marshmallow Pieces.

Next we had to graph the different marshmallow shapes.

After we did that, we counted each shape, and wrote how many we had.

Finally we used that to make tally marks to show how many of each shape we had.  We turned our numbers in, and got to see how many other people across the world had participated in the project.

We planted a Banana Tree!!

Mr. John helped us dig a hole, and hold the tree.

We got to use our STRONG muscles.

On the 100th day of school we had so many activities to do.  We made a GIANT bubble gum machine with 100 pieces of gum.

We also made a Giant ICE CREAM cone, and counted by 5's to 100.

Finally, we made a giant Pizza with 100 toppings.

We had so many activities that day!!  We even had a special guest fly in!!  ZERO the HERO!!

He danced and sang songs with us.

For Easter, we sorted our jelly beans, and we separated them by colors.

Next we graphed them.

We also used them to make patterns.

Here is our jelly bean graph.

Our Tally sheet.

Here are our patterns.

Our beautiful flowers.

We also made a flower, and labeled the parts.  We even wrote the things that plants need to survive.

Well, for now, I guess that is all I have.  I will try to keep up with the blog again.

Thanks so much for stopping by!!

Ms. B