Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The things you hear out of a Kindergartener's mouth......

1.) Oh man, my poop sure was wet!!!!

2.) Ms. Britney....you look like a 28 year old.  Wearing your jacket and gloves!!!!  (I'm 26 apparently 28 is the oldest person EVER)

3.) Me: Who knows what an adjective is?  Little Boy: When a mother nurses her baby. Me: WHAT????

4.) Me: Our mouth is for.... Kids: EATING!!  Me: Our nose is for.... Lil Girl: PICKING!!!!

5.) 2 kids discussing Jesus: lil girl: You know he hung on the cross and died for us.  lil boy: Yea a man killed him.  lil girl: Um....NO....he was just bored from hanging there!!

 6.) Lil girl: Ms. Britney why is Rudolph's nose red?  Lil boy: DUH God made him that way!!


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