Monday, December 12, 2011

The TRUE Meaning of Christmas....told kindergarten style

So, as you know, everyday Jingle brings us a new book to read.  On Friday, he brought us the book, "The Story of Christmas".  A little risky I know, seeing as how I teach in a public school, but I read it anyways.  Before I read the book, I wanted to see what my kids already knew about Christmas.  I know that almost all of them go to church on a regular basis, and honestly talk to each other and to me about God and Jesus.  So, I was just interested in what they thought the true meaning of Christmas was.  Here are their answers.

*We celebrate Christmas because it is God and Jesus's birthday.
*Christmas is made of thanks like Thanksgiving.
*It's when you give and spend time with your family.
*It's not ALL ABOUT YOU!!!!  It is for thanks.  (Sounds like someone’s momma has been talking to them.)
*Jesus made a present for his family and that made him happy.
*Jesus, God, and Grandma Ruby, cuz she's up there with them.  That’s what Christmas is about.
*Do God and Jesus have Christmas together?
*You have Joy.
*At church there was a Mary and I was the Jophus.  Brother was baby Jesus. 

I couldn't resist writing them down and posting the answers.  They were too cute, and they were all right answers in my book.  I love to hear what they have to say about things, and I love their interpretations of different things.  That is one of the best parts.  They tell you how they feel.

Well, that's all for now fellow blog hoppers.  I'll be posting pictures of some more things we have been doing soon.  Happy Monday!!!!

-Ms. B


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